The park and garden

The park

The park covers more than 7 acres along the Arratz Valley.

  • To the east, a panoramic view spanning several kilometres of the Gers countryside: pastures with cows (including the famous Clochette) and calves reared by our friend Francis, crops of barley, wheat and sunflower, and more, shaded in sunset yellows in the summer and in ochre browns in the winter.
  • To the west, a scenic view of the Arratz Valley, with the village of Saint-Clar – nicknamed the "Garlic Capital" – on the horizon. On sunny days, the valley is filled with mist at dawn, giving you the impression of floating in a space of beauty.
  • Scattered here and there, benches, beach chairs, armchairs and hammocks furnish this world of enchantment so that you can take a moment to let time slip by to the sound of the wind and the birds.

The garden

Further along is the coomb where we planted our orchard (with cherry, apricot, peach, pear, apple and other fruit trees) and our vegetable garden, nearby the pond with its frogs and water lilies.

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On the edges of the valley, ancient oaks (the oldest is thought to be 450 years old) inspire respect and protect us with their majestic branches.

During the farm's restoration, we planted a large number of species, like downy oaks, grapevines, maples, cedars, cypresses, lavender, olive trees and more... not to mention the dozens of perennials that bring colour to the park in the spring and summer.

Under the shadows of the house are terraces supported by dry stone walls that we patiently restored, where our predecessors cultivated their vegetable garden.

In the park, you can go for a stroll, stop to meditate, read, sleep... or just enjoy the scenery. Here you will find only the sounds of the countryside, the animals and the wind.

Lastly, the Gers is famous for its starry nights. You too can stretch out in a hammock and try to name and count all the stars in the universe or – better yet – wait for a shooting star to appear and make a wish.

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